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From the quiet reflection of ‘’The Thinker’’ to the shattering sensualism  of ‘’More than Lovers’’, Henri Peter’s art spans the gamut of human thought and feeling, seeming almost alive in its vibrant intensity. Emotion is mixed into the paints he uses; imagination is woven into the canvas.

Henri Peter’s unique interpretation of the Native American spirit quickly became his trademark. The powerful sensuality of his subjects and the bold colors he paints them with, have broken the mold once surrounding Native American art. Henri has truly created a new form for his art.


A color blind and self-taught artist, Henri, son of a European father and a Andean Native American mother, lives with his son Martin and his daughter Anya at the shores of the Pacific Ocean, in a little surfer town in Perú called Mancora.  His studio is surrounded by nature, which has allowed his imagination and creativity to flourish.
He is an avid motorcyclist, ecologist and an amateur cook.

father and daugther edit.jpeg

Henri and daughter  

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